Training Tips for Hyper Dogs – The Basics

Tips to teach your hyper and energetic dog do the basics

We have all had that problem to train our dog, trying to teach him the basics. The thing being that he is a hyper dog only makes it worse. Then we find excuses like he won’t listen or isn’t smart, because he is very energetic and hyper and then finally we forgo the training. Then we get training tips from various people stating that it will work. But it doesn’t because every pooch is different and is unique.

All this leaves us with our adorable but untrained pooch. And when our friends come over and we try to unsuccessfully make our pooch do even the basics, it just leaves us embarrassed. Which further makes us angry on our fur baby.

All this could simply be resolved if we just trained our dog the correct way. But what is the correct way, is the question. Below is a video which shows how to train our hyper dogs to do the basic things.

With this we hope that you would have learned what to do to make him listen to you. Try and put these training tips to use and see the results. Please do understand that even though these training tips are good and easy to use, it takes time and repetition for the dog to understand and learn the tricks, even the basic ones. So have patience and teach an old dog or even the young one some basics.

So pick up a bag of treats and get your pooch, and start today. And don’t forget to call your friends over and show them how proud you are of your furry baby.

If you are interested in finding a canine behaviour counselor or dog trainer in your city, click here to be redirected to our page containing the same.

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