We provide Pet Services

Our Services are:

  • Tailsmile Dog walking
  • Tailsmile Pet Salon & Spa
  • Tailsmile Pet Sitting/House Sitting
  • Tailsmile Day Care
  • Tailsmile Pet Boarding
  • Tailsmile Dog Training
  • Tailsmile Pet Taxi
  • Tailsmile Pet Photography

Our Agenda for Dog Walking!!!!

  1. we will conduct initial consultation with new clients.
  2. Pick up and drop off dogs to and from their homes.
  3. Understanding special request and conditions for each dog.
  4. Walked dogs outdoors in all weather conditions (anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours at a time).
  5. Will give each dog love and attention and ensured each dog got exercise and potty breaks.
  6. we will Safeguard the dogs and those around them and remove pet waste.
  7. We will Maintain leadership of the pack of dogs (if walking multiple dogs at a time).
  8. Refreshed water, wiped paws and gave treats.
  9. Recorded which dog(s) walked, how long the walks were, anything abnormal that was noticed during the walk.
  10. Managed schedule via phone, email, and text message.

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Dog Walking
Dog Boarding
Dog Day Care
Dog Grooming Salon & Spa
Pet Sitter
Pet Trainer
Pet Cab
Pet Photography


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