Ladies and Gentlemen and our beloved Pets.
Presenting Dodo Knows, an online pet directory with the sole purpose of helping every pet parent out there to find the best for their beloved pets.

Dodo Knows was created when a couple had to leave the city for 3 days but couldn’t take their beloved Golden Retriever with them (who always travels with them in flights, trains and car). The couple was faced with the most difficult decision ever, with whom to leave their pooch who would take care of him like they do. Thus began searching Google and Facebook and contacting friends to find suitable places in the city. Thus after a reference from a good friend, they found a place with home treatment, no kennels, cages or leashes. Leaving him was the most difficult thing. Finally on returning back, finding their baby happy, they were ecstatic.

All this fuelled in them the most important thought, the agony that they went through finding the perfect home boarding facility, this would be felt by every Pet Parent who don’t know where to leave their babies. Finally deciding to help every Pet Parent out there, Dodo Knows was born. The most important feature of this directory is the option of rating and reviewing the services, so that the next Pet Parent can read about the place or service and become satisfied before choosing them for their fur babies.

We are soon to incorporate an adoption page and a donation page to help all the babies who do not have a Forever Home to call their own.

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